GALVANISED WIRES - Commercial Purpose

GI wire (Galvanized Iron Wire), is Zinc coated steel wire used for applications with high life requirement. Tata Steel manufactures superior quality GI wire in their state-of-the-art facility at Tarapur using Hot Dip technology and supplies customized quality GI wire for wide range of applications like Fencing, Farming, Poultry and Redraw.

Fencing Wire

Tata Steel provides Barbed Wire, Chain Link, PVC Coated Wire and Welded Mesh in the fencing segment for the fencing of Farms, Residential Bungalows, Farm Houses, Factories, Industrial areas, Warehouses, Animal Farms, Orchards, Real Estate Plots, Residential Complexes, Schools, Parks, Gardens, Stadiums, Parking lots, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools and Sports Grounds. GI wire used for making Barbed Wire, Chain Link, PVC Coated Wire and Welded Mesh is of high quality and consistency in terms of zinc coating, and designed to withstand the load in respective applications.

Measurements : 8gauge (3.8mm/4mm) ,9gauge(3.5mm) , 10gauge (3mm) , 12gauge (2.5mm) ,14gauge (2mm)

Farming Wire

Tata steel produces high quality and long lasting GI Wire for Grape Farming, Tomato Farming and Creeper Vegetable Farming. GI wires for the farming application are customized to withstand the corrosive effect of pesticides and other chemicals used in farming. Farming grade wire is also designed to withstand multiple winding/ non-winding practices while installing in the fields.

Measurements : 8gauge (3.8mm/4mm) ,9gauge(3.5mm) , 10gauge (3mm) , 12gauge (2.5mm/2.64mm) ,13gauge(2.2mm),14gauge (2mm),16gauge(1.6mm)

Poultry Wire

Tata Steel manufactures superior quality GI wire for poultry cages. Protective coating in form of Zinc is of higher thickness to sustain the welding process during cage making and highly corrosive environment of a Poultry farm.

Measurements : 8gauge (4mm) , 10gauge (3mm) , 12gauge (2.64mm) ,14gauge (2mm), 16gauge(1.6mm)

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